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Technology for the Programmatic Digital Out of Home & Content Media Distribution
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Illustration of a mobile phone scanning a qr code from a kiosk
Illustration of a mobile phone scanning a qr code from a kiosk

A new way to run interactive and creative ad campaigns

DIFFUSE.TV makes it easy to convert your screens into an advertising network suited for your needs.

From shops to gyms, from hotels to coffeeshops, our software lets you monetize your screens by broadcasting content tailored for your public.

Our platform gives you full control over your ads, allowing you to decide when and where to stream them. 

A man passing by a street window with a large tv screen
Two buildings linked by an outside passage

Your TVs turned into a smart streaming network

With DIFFUSE.TV you can create interactive campaigns and collect data to learn more about the ways in which the public engages with that content.

Making use of engagement metrics to finetune your ads, you will achieve more impressions and revenue opportunities.

Managing your screens through DIFFUSE.TV also gives you the power to show warnings and to create interactions with other systems through API.